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Our founders have given us the greatest political document ever written. It is our duty as citizens to apply this document to restrain government anytime it usurps powers not delegated to it by the people. Every decision I will be faced with as a Worcester County Commissioner will be scrutinized through the lens of our Constitutions and the protections they offer to our citizens as well as the restraints they place on government.


Restore land rights by removing burdensome regulations that negatively impact private property while finding balance with environmental and ecological well being. Conservation programs have restricted private citizens from using their land because they simply can not afford to buy "mitigation credits". Meanwhile, large corporations can afford to pay these credits and use their land as they see fit. These programs unfairly target the working class land owners restricting their access to land they own and pay taxes on.


Block all unconstitutional mandates coming from Annapolis. These mandates have shuttered our private businesses while allowing large corporate businesses to reap record profits. Nullify any mandate that forces medical devices and treatments on citizens that they do not desire for themselves or their children. This includes working with the local school board to end the mask mandates once and for all. Individual sovereignty is a God given right and not a power delegated to our government by the people.


Fiscally, we need to end the cycle of budgeting that encourages government entities that they must spend their entire budget in order to receive the same funding the following fiscal year. This mindset breeds fraud, waste and abuse and does not allow for creative ways to save money and ultimately lower the tax burden to the citizen. There are many programs which have been added under the wing of the government and funded by taxpayers that ultimately should be provided by the private sector. Private businesses should not have to compete with government programs that can operate at a loss and simply source the purse of the tax payer. The very concept of this is repugnant to the capitalistic values that has built the greatest economy and nation the world has ever known. 


Commissioner meeting minutes and video should be made more easily available to the citizens to stay better informed and engaged with their government. These things are currently provided but not easily found or accessed. Furthermore, NO ONE should ever be excluded from participating in the legislative process. This includes ending any mask mandates or entry restrictions into any Worcester County government buildings. These buildings belong to the people and government has no right to restrict citizens from entering or taking part in the process.

March 4, 2022
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